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"to hide art by very art"
"cacher l'art par l'art même"


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Rameau and his time

AHNELL, Emil Gustave.
The Concept of Tonality in the Operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Illinois, 1957. 293 p.
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ANDERSON, Gene Henry.
Musical Terminology in J.-P. Rameau's Traité de l'harmonie: A Study and Glossary Based on an Index.
Ph.D., Theory, University of Iowa, 1981. 391 p.
Research director: W. Atcherson
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BARBOUR, James Murray.
Equal Temperament: Its History from Ramis (1482) to Rameau (1737).
Ph.D., Musicology, Cornell University, 1932. 354 p.
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BECKER, Elke Lang.
Topische Elemente und Szenentype in Rameaus Opern.
Ph.D., Musicology, Heidelberg, 1977.
Research director: R. Hammerstein
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BRISCOE, Roger Lee.
Rameau's Démonstration du principe de l'harmonie and Nouvelles réflexions de M. Rameau sur sa Démonstration du principe de l'harmonie: An Annotated Translation and Commentary of Two Treatises by Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Ph.D., Theory, Indiana University, 1975. 344 p.
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BRUNDRETT, Grant Allen.
Rameau's Orchestration.
Ph.D., Music History and Literature, Northwestern University, 1962. 3 vols.,
496 p.
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BURGESS, Geoffrey Vernon.
Ritual in the Tragédie en musique from Cadmus et Hermione (1673) to Zoroastre (1749).
Ph.D., Musicology, Cornell University, 1998. xxxviii, 744 p. tbls., facs.,
mus. exs., transcr., transl., append., discog., bibliog., ind.
Research director: Neal Zaslaw
DDM Code: 41opBurG; DA no.: RILM no.: UM no.:
Additional keywords: Jean Baptiste Lully, Jean-Philippe Rameau, French
opera, baroque opera.

BURNS, Robert Eliam,
Rameau's Gambang (Response to André Schaeffner): Music and Cultural Relativity in Eighteenth-Century France.
MA, Wesleyan University, 1983.

Rameau's Nouveau système de musique théorique: An Annotated Translation.
Ph.D., Theory, Indiana University, 1974. 467 p.
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CYR, Mary Ellen.
Rameau's Les fêtes d'Hébé.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of California at Berkeley, 1975. 2 vols., xiii, 662 p. plts., tbls., facs., mus. exs., transcr., append., bibliog.
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DILL, Charles.
The Reception of Rameau's Castor et Pollux in 1737 and 1754.
Ph.D., Music History, Princeton University, 1989. xi, 323 p. tbls., facs., mus. exs., append., bibliog.
Research director: Harold S. Powers
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GAVENDA, Victor.
Jean-Philippe Rameau's Le Temple de la gloire: A Source and Contextual Study.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of California at Berkeley.
Research director: Daniel Heartz
DDM Code: 41opGavV*; DA no.: RILM no.: UM no.:

GREEN, Burdette Lamar.
The Harmonic Series from Mersenne to Rameau: A Historical Study of Circumstances Leading to Its Recognition and Application to Music.
Ph.D., Music, Ohio State University, 1969. 518 p.
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HAYES, Deborah.
Rameau's Theory of Harmonic Generation: An Annotated Translation and Commentary of Génération harmonique by J.-P. Rameau.
Ph.D., Musicology, Stanford University, 1968. 375 p. mus. exs., bibliog.
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KEANE, Sister Michaela Maria.
The Theoretical Writings of Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Ph.D., Musicology, Catholic University of America, 1961.
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The claveçin Works of Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Pennsylvania, 1955. 353 p.
DDM Code: 41keKliZ; DA no.: 15/12:2541; RILM no.: UM no.: 13-399.

KREHBIEL, James Woodrow.
Harmonic Principles of Jean-Philippe Rameau and His Contemporaries.
Ph.D., Theory, Indiana University, 1964. 441 p.
DDM Code: 49haKreJ; DA no.: 25/05:3220-1; RILM no.: UM no.: 64-12,049.

LEGRAND, Raphaëlle,11856
Dardanus de Jean-Philippe Rameau: La première version de 1739.
Doct., Musicology, Université de Tours, 1991. 2 vols., 469 p. illus., tbls.,
facs., mus. exs., append., bibliog., ind.
DDM Code: 41opLegR; DA no.: RILM no.: UM no.:
Référence : 91TOUR2013 - Université de soutenance : Tours

MIDDLETON, Alain Henri.
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Observations sur notre instinct pour la musique,
Paris, 1754. Annotated Translation and Commentary.
Ph.D., Musicology, Columbia University, 1990.
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NANI, Marcelle,
Une Collaboration de Voltaire et de Rameau, Samson,
Maîtrise,  Institut de littérature française, Université de Paris III, 1977.

RICE, Paul Francis.
The Fontainebleau Operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau: A Critical Study,
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Victoria.
Research director: Erich Schwandt
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ROUARD, Isabelle, 35165
L'Art de la basse fondamentale de Jean-Philippe Rameau,
Référence : 00PA040177 - Université de soutenance : Paris 4

SABY (Pierre) 8398
Le Choeur dans les oeuvres dramatiques de Jean-Philippe Rameau,
Référence : 88LYO20041 - Université de soutenance : Lyon 2

SEEFRID, Gisela.
Die Airs de danse in den Bühnenwerken von Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Ph.D., Musicology, Frankfurt am Main, 1969. 254 p. mus. exs.
DDM Code: 41daSeeG; DA no.: RILM no.: 69:954dd; UM no.:.

Jean-Philippe Rameau: Abaris ou Les Boréades: A Critical Edition.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Rochester, 1972. 2 vols., v, 568 p.
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VERBA, Esther Cynthia.
A Hierarchic Interpretation of the Theories and Music of Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Chicago, 1979.
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WOLF, Robert Peter.
Jean-Philippe Rameau's Comédie lyrique Les Paladins (1760): A Critical Edition and Study.
Ph.D., Music History, Yale University, 1977. 2 vols., xii, 601 p. tbls.,
facs., mus. exs., transcr., append., bibliog.
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Music and Opera in the XVIIIth Century

BARNES, Nancy Mould.
Structural Counterpoint and Meter in Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Music.
Ph.D., Music, City University of New York.
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COWART, Georgia.
Controversies over French and Italian Music, 1600-1750: The Origins of Modern Musical Criticism.
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Research director: George J. Buelow
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The Origins of Vibration Theory: The Scientific Revolution and the Nature of

Ph.D., Physics, Princeton University, 1969. 275 p.
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ELLISON, Mary Beeson.
The Comparaison de la musique italienne et de la musique française of Le Cerf de la Viéville: An Annotated Translation of the First Four Dialogues.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Miami, 1973. vii, 282 p. mus. exs.,
append., bibliog.
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HAERINGER (Etienne) 7312
L'Esthétique de l'opéra en France et ses transformations au temps de Jean-Philippe Rameau,
Référence : 87PA100130 - Université de soutenance : Paris 10

HOULE, George Louis.
The Musical Measure as Discussed by Theorists from 1650-1800.
Ph.D., Music, Stanford University, 1960. vii, 311 p. illus.
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KAEHLER, Winston Haverland.
The Operatic Repertoire of Madame de Pompadour's Théâtre des petits cabinets (1747-1753).
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Michigan, 1971. vii, 321 p. plts., tbls.,
facs., mus. exs., transcr., works lst., bibliog.
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Manifestations of Philosophy and Science in the Music of Seventeenth-Century France.
Ph.D., Musicology, Columbia University, 1973. iii, 334 p.
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POWELL, Newman Wilson.
Rhythmic Freedom in the Performance of French Music from 1650 to 1735.
Ph.D., Music, Stanford University, 1958. xviii, 382 p. illus.
DDM Code: 41pfPowN; DA no.: 20/05:1820; RILM no.: UM no.: LC Mic 59-3719.

POWERS, David M.
The "Pastorale Héroïque": Origins and Development of a Genre.
Ph.D., Musicology, University of Chicago.
DDM Code: 41opPowD*; DA no.: RILM no.: UM no.:

The 'Grand Motet' of the Late Baroque in France as Exemplified by Michel-Richard de Lalande and a Selected Group of His Contemporaries.
Ph.D., Music, University of Southern California, 1950. 2 vols., xiii, 840 p.
DDM Code: 41saRicJ; DA no.: RILM no.: UM no.: UR 5659.

Les Filles de l'Opéra in the Early Eighteenth Century.
Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 2013. DDM index no. 16378.
AMS Doctoral Dissertations

SADOWSKY, Rosalie D. Landres.
Jean-Baptiste Abbé Dubos: The Influence of Cartesian and Neo-Aristotelian Ideas on Music Theory and Practice.
Ph.D., Music History, Yale University, 1960. xii, 278 p.
DDM Code: 46aeSadR; DA no.: 31/05:2425; RILM no.: UM no.: 70-20,362.

WARSZAWSKI (Jean-Marc) 22729
Les Ecrits relatifs à la musique de Boèce à Jean-Philippe Rameau. Inventaire, index, commentaires.
Référence : 95PA081080 - Université de soutenance : Paris 8.


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